Structural Integration


Dr. Ida P. Rolf developed the process of Structural Integration as a holistic system combining soft tissue manipulation and movement education to restore the body to its natural state of alignment and balance – by lengthening, restoring, and reorganizing the FASCIA, the connective tissue matrix of the body. Fascia surrounds and supports all of the Continue Reading

The Structural Integration 10-Series


The Structure of the 10-Series Structural Integration is a system used to align and balance the physical body within its gravitational field by freeing and reorganizing the myofascia, or connective tissue that surrounds the muscles. Dr. Rolf discovered that the body is organized in layers and that in order to create lasting change, the Structural Continue Reading

Fingers or Foam


Here’s an interesting video by Dr. Andreo Spina.  In this video he explains why the use of a ‘foam roller’ does NOT constitute myofascial release, nor does the utilization of instrument assisted soft tissue techniques.  Not to say that either are without their own merits (foam rolling & instrument), however the human hand may indeed Continue Reading

All Fuzzed Up


Here’s quick talk by Gil Hedley, about “FUZZ” (ie. Fascia) and the importance of movement and stretching to maintain the sliding properties of tissues in the body, as well as the value of bodywork modalities and yoga when movement potential has become inhibited.  Check out his Integral Anatomy DVD Series at for an awesome human cadaver Continue Reading